Article: The Specification Of 2013 Bentley Continental GT

2013 Bentley Continental GT is made with heavyweight that exquisitely aromatic and richly appointed interior, with gracious air-suspended ride and it much needed infotainment updates. Actually, the Bentley officials are understandably keen to promote this car’s freshly greened credentials. And as the customers, you will be able to choose what series you prefer. This car is produced with better range, better handling, better sound so that it will give convenience feeling to the rider and passengers. Let’s talk deeper about 2013 Bentley Continental GT.

The Performance Of 2013 Bentley Continental GT

Actually, the manufacturer of 2013 Bentley Continental GT still does not tell further information about this series. However, the previous model added about 9% more power and 15% more torque over the base trim’s trim-turbocharged W-12. And if the manufacturer wants to sell the better car than previous model, so, 2013 Bentley Continental GT will have better performance.

Thus, most of customers expect to get Speed to maintain the weight loss, if not shed even more, and the power will be routed through an all-wheel-drive system. However, there are many improvements in 2013 Bentley Continental GT, such as low rolling-resistance tires, an ‘on demand’ power steering pump, slipperier bearing and improved tumble flow control on the air coming into the combustion chambers. The manufacturer is focus to produce surprisingly compact, robust and power packed, but it’s never been the most sonorous of engines.

Actually, Bentley wants to position this car as a sportier alternative for new and younger customers. Furthermore, in order to accommodate the series of 2013 Bentley Continental GT and gearbox, changes had to be made to the body-in white. And with a different engine hanging over the front axle changing the car’s weight balance.

Bentley went ahead and completely reworked the suspension, with specific spring rates, bushings, shock tuning and special programming for the air suspension system. In addition, by combine with slightly smaller anti-roll bars and a unique front differential, the all wheel drive seems slightly more resistant to under steer and turn-in feels demonstrably quicker.


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