Article: 2014 Audi S3-Hot Hatchback

Audi launched the 2014 Audi S3 with 3-door hatchback model, AUDI unfortunately not yet decided to release a new variant to the market USA. Otherwise, for the European market will get the Audi S3 in the near future, namely in 2013.S3 will go on sale in early 2013 with to market base price of € 38.900.

The Performance And Features Of 2014 Audi S3

Offering 2014 Audi S3 2.0-liter TFSI turbo four delivered 296 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque that will be distributed to 4 wheels S3. This machine is a new design for Audi, and will create S3 curious enthusiasts to experience the ferocity of the S3 engine. Where S3 will get peak torque starting at 1,800 rpm and will feel the power that until 5,500 rpm. But the claim of Audi, S3 you can push up to 6800 rpm.

S3 four-cylinder engine has a lot of features that other four-cylinder engines. For example, the 2014 Audi S3 engine technology comes with two balance shafts rotating at twice the speed that would make a smooth rotation of the machine. However produce a powerful force. Coupled with the seven-speed S tonic system dual-clutch transmission, the Audi S3 can reach 0-60 mph in just 5.1 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

In the interior of S3, Audi S3 2014 offers an interior with sports seats plus the Germanic style, round air vents, the center console is minimalist and ergonomic, as well as storage space reaches 39 cubic feet when the rear seats folded. Display interior with gray shades, shift knob and steering comfortable.

The exterior design of 2014 Audi S3, single-frame grille you will see on Audi S3, rearview aluminium, an integrated diffuser, roof spoiler and four oval chrome tailpipes. Characteristic Audi S3 emblem seen on S appears on the rear and grille.

2014 Audi S3 Overview

Conclusion, Audi S3 outperform their competitors in terms of technology in the application on the Audi S3 engine., and sporty interior can be found on the Audi s3 Also the exterior design of the 3-door Audi S3 makes the latest generation certainly is awaited by you


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