Article: 2013 Honda Pilot As The Big Family Car

2013 Honda Pilot is still being the Honda brand car looked for by many people right now. Such the previous Honda Pilot, this car is designed as the family car. If you still wait 2013 Honda Pilot release date, this car is going to be released in the late summer 2012. So, from now, you should be ready for the officially releasing of Honda Pilot. Now, Honda as the manufacturer prepare for the Honda Pilot 2013 release. Since this car first time released at 2009, this car give many great attentions of the communities.

2013 Honda Pilot Specs with Automatic Transmission

According to the Honda Pilot official website, the new Honda Pilot 2013 car has no many modifications from the older version. When you compare this Honda Pilot with 202 Honda Pilot, you don’t find the difference in its design and model. But, the capability of Honda Pilot 2013 has been improved with 76 cubic feet capabilities. With 76 feet capability, this car is big enough to pick up your family members within the car. Because of its size, 2013 Honda Pilot car is called family car. So, this car is the suitable car to use for the family journey at the vacation or the other exciting moment.

V-6 engine is the main engine used for this Honda Pilot 2013 it generates with 250 horsepower and it’s great enough to use for long journey. It includes with the automatic using with 5-speed automatic way. That is the general specification of 2013 Honda Pilot given.

There are several types of the 2013 Honda Pilot. The different type will have the different price. SO, how much 2013 Honda Pilot price? For the 2013 Honda Pilot AWD, it is sold in the range of $29,800. Then, for 2013 Honda Pilot Ex-estimated, it is sold in $34,200. And the other Honda Pilot 2013 model will have the different price, too. For the advance 2013 Honda Pilot touring model, it prices at $42,150.


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