Article: 2013 Honda CRV, The 4th Generation Of Honda

2013 Honda CRV starts the new adventure in this year. Well, right after this Honda CRV released date in the first month of this year, this Honda CRV car paid many attentions from the wide publics. For the first time this new generation of Honda CRV captured by Washington reader. He said that this new 2013 Honda CRV is the fearless car with the best modified style of the body. This new Honda CRV is not too different with the other Japanese car. It was tight such the other style of Honda car design. But, for the new 2013 Honda CRV, it recognizes the gentle design from the previous one.

2013 Honda CRV Price and Specification

Such the other almost Honda design, this Honda CRV 2013 used SUV vehicle. It includes at Compact SUV vehicle. As the 4thgeneration of Honda CRV, this 2013 Honda CRV has several improvement and modifications. For the transmission, it also used the automatic way-used wit 5-speed automatic. This car is the green and environmentally car because this Honda CRV only donated 3.588 kg of CO2 in a year. Besides, it environmentally, this Honda CRV 2013 is also efficient to use. For using in the city, you only need 9 liter to each up to 100km. Besides, for the highway, even you only need 6.4 liter up to 100 km.

Then, how much this Honda CRV 2013? Talking about 2013 Honda CRV price, this price will start from $25,990. Or, if you purchased and paid it monthly, you only paid it $490 in every month. When you ask about this Honda CRV 2013 warranty, this car also offers the car warranty such the other Honda car brands. For the base warranty, you have 3 years warranty with 60,000 km. Besides, if you have power train warranty, you have 5 years warranty with 100,000 km. To improve the lifestyle, 2013 Honda CRV must be used.


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