Article: 2013 Honda Civic Update And Review

2013 Honda Civic is the new and fresh car will be releasing in this year. As the auto manufacturer, Honda will give the new feature for Honda Civic. What is that? It seems that Honda will make this 2013 Honda Civic as the icon for Honda brand this year. Before, Honda Civic 2013 is shown in Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) that is held on April 12 2012 last month in Bangkok, Thailand. Right after that, 2013 becomes the issue of everybody when talking about the new brand of automotive this year.

 2013 Honda Civic Features, Exterior and Interior Design

Everybody will be waiting for the releasing of Honda Civic officially. According to the leaked information, there is the new touch in the 2013 Honda Civic exterior. The new Honda Civic designed looked in the front light designed with the thinner design and the back light design with no articulation round-shaped lens. So, from the exterior of 2013 Honda Civic, it looks more elegant, aggressive and luxurious.

The other transformation of this 2013 Honda Civic design is from its interior Honda Civic. The change of interior design looked from the modern dashboard. The new Honda Civic dashboard is featured with the digital MID model and it looks interesting.

In the other side, 201 Honda Civic engine capacities are available in 2 options. There are1.8 liter I-VTEC SOHC 140 Hp power and 2 liter IVTEC 154 HP.

The weight of this 2013 Honda Civic is lighter than before. 55% of the bodies used hardened-steel. The other new 2013 Honda Civic feature is motion adaptive electric power steering for the better performance of Honda Civic 2013.

This 2013 Honda Civic will be releasing officially in this year. But, there is no confirmation in what month this Honda Civic 2013 will be released. It is predicted that 2013 Honda Civic will be released on May or June.


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