Article: 2013 Ford Atlas Concept, Present Modern Concepts For Truck Lovers

The 2013 Ford Atlas is a model of pickup truck with modern design inspired by modern decade in order to indulge the truck lovers. The 2013 Ford Atlas Concept displays all the elegance of design with purpose driven with prominent wheel arches, wide stance and chiseled grille all to strengthen the image of its functional Built Ford Tough. The 2013 Ford Atlas also presents modern pickup car with advanced technology supported in it. It reflects on its exterior and interior. The details of the design look very elegant with the grooves modern lines in it.

The 2013 Ford Atlas Concept will be able to reflect how the model Ford truck is able to help customers in both their world professionally and personally because these vehicles have been made for the purpose and capabilities while retaining a clear view Built Ford Tough, said J Mays, Ford group vice president and chief creative officer.

The 2013 Ford Atlas presents some modern concepts of which are:

  • Shutters Wheel Active

It is an automatic window layout hidden wheels which enabled to increase the force at rest and low speeds. It improves aerodynamics function on this pickup.

  • Power Running Boards

It is a display board that runs automatically to help passengers get into the truck. It moves to improve aerodynamics and maximum ground clearance.

  • Active Grille Shutters

This is the automated window system through the screen. Whether we drive at low speed or in hot weather, with this feature, the driver will still feel comfortable.

  • Drop Underwater Dam front

These are a model of a drop down front spoiler that is able to reduce wind at highway speeds to improve airflow.

Here are the new features on the exterior and interior design for the 2013 Ford Atlas:

  • LED headlamps and taillamps, it offers near-instant response faster providing valuable extra warning time to follow the traffic
  • Cargo Box and Side LED Lighting Mirror, it is strong enough for efficient LED lighting systems and the cargo box helps to minimal drain on battery life.
  • The purpose Tailgate Step doubles and Cradle Cargo, the tailgate will be able to make this truck to get stronger for a long way trip.
  • 360 Degree Point of View Camera, It is a mandatory feature for pickup from Ford Company. Basically is a system that is able to provide a glimpse of the truck to help position the vehicle in tight places.



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