Article: 2013 BMW 520d GT (Australia) Has Been Announced By BMW

2013 BMW 520d GT (Australia) has been announced by BMW Australia in order to update the generation 5 Series Gran Turismo. Economic system has also been upgraded on the car includes power used has been improved as well.

Details of 2013 BMW 520d GT (australia)

Boost the power of the new models will be contained in the 2013 BMW 520d GT (Australia). Engine used car uses 3.0 liter turbo-diesel that can generate power of 190kW and 560Nm which also means that there is an increase of 180kW. It can go from 0 to 100km / h in 6.2 seconds. Meanwhile, the economic system is also offered with an average of around 5.8L/100km fuel.

2013 BMW 520d GT (Australia) will also be provided with the M Sport package from BMW with the addition of a suspension that supports the theme soprt, seats with sporty theme. There are also M aerodynamics package, a 20-inch alloy wheels, BMW Individual roof and also the color of the shadow line trim with High Gloss.

There is control of the BMW Driving Experience which now includes a standard for the 2013 BMW 520d GT (Australia) by adding the Eco Pro mode, Comfort and Sport for all the models provided. There is also the transmission lever which can be accessed via the side buttons depending on the specification. Mode allows driving on the car to use the three options set out, suspension and drivetrain configurations are done for. The security features on these cars also increased with the Active Protection Safety Package that is currently installed as standard on the car.

Pricing has not been much discussed for the 2013 BMW 520d GT (australia), but at the price of the previous version came out with $ 103.500. Looks like it will not move away from the previous version.


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